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The Expert Speak session 1 with Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayan was an enlightening discourse aimed at empowering youth passionate about driving societal change. Dr. Narayan, an esteemed figure in social activism, offered invaluable advice to aspiring changemakers. He emphasized the importance of understanding the root causes of social issues, fostering collaboration, and maintaining resilience in the face of challenges. Dr. Narayan’s insights served as a guiding beacon for young individuals striving to make a meaningful impact on their communities.

The “Understanding of Republic Day Through Art” session was conducted in shelter homes as an icebreaker activity designed to foster connections between voluny and children. Through creative expression, children were encouraged to share their perspectives on Republic Day, promoting bonding and collaboration in a supportive environment.

The EXPOSURE session at the shelter home focused on gender inclusiveness and financial management. Children actively participated in jewelry making while volunteers explained the importance of gender inclusiveness. This was followed by a financial management session where children set up stalls and sold their jewelry to volunteers, promoting practical skills and financial literacy in a hands-on way.

The Exposure Session on Connecting with Nature involved students designing pots with paints and enjoying activities with the exposure strategist. They then planted seeds and helped each other nurture their seedlings, fostering a hands-on connection with nature alongside volunteers.

Expert Speaks session 2 with Subrahmanyam Goparaju Garu focused on “Being a Leader of Change: Leading a Change Within” for volunteers. Mr. Goparaju, a seasoned leader in change management, provided insightful guidance on self-awareness, resilience, and adaptability. Through interactive discussions, volunteers learned about the strategies to lead change within themselves and their communities, empowering them to become proactive agents of positive transformation.

“Best out of Waste” is a creative initiative focused on waste management and recycling. In this activity, students utilize discarded materials, such as newspapers, to craft useful and innovative items. They have ingeniously repurposed newspapers to create baskets, planes, guns, kites, boats, bags, and other imaginative creations. Through this hands-on approach, students not only learn about the importance of waste reduction and recycling but also develop their creativity and resourcefulness in finding new uses for everyday items.

Friendship Day celebrations for children with the volunteers involved a delightful activity of preparing friendship bands using raw materials. Together, the children and volunteers crafted colorful and personalized friendship bands, fostering a sense of camaraderie and connection. This hands-on activity provided an opportunity for meaningful interactions and bonding between the children and volunteers, as they shared laughter, creativity, and the joy of celebrating friendship together.

The Independence Day Quiz was an engaging activity designed to blend competitiveness with learning, motivating students to step out of their comfort zones. Through a series of questions related to Indian history, culture, and freedom struggle, students were challenged to showcase their knowledge and critical thinking skills. The quiz not only encouraged healthy competition but also instilled a sense of pride and patriotism as students explored important aspects of their country’s journey towards independence. Overall, the quiz served as a fun and educational platform to inspire students to expand their horizons and embrace new challenges.

The collaboration with Ecofemme Reusable Sanitary Napkins of Auroville, Puducherry, aimed to alleviate the financial burden of purchasing sanitary napkins for menstruating individuals in remote areas of Visakhapatnam city. Over a two-year period and beyond, 60 kits were distributed, each containing 240 reusable sanitary napkins, provided free of charge. This initiative not only promoted menstrual hygiene but also ensured long-term cost savings for the beneficiaries.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we undertook the distribution of medical kits to 25 Child Care Institutions, ensuring they had essential supplies. This initiative was made possible through the generous support of GOONJ organization, reflecting the collective effort to assist vulnerable communities during challenging times.

The Lil’ tHUMbs! Drawing Competition was organized with the aim of fostering positivity and creativity among children through art. The competition involved over 40 students from 15 Child Care Institutions (CCIs), who were selected to participate in the finale. During the finale, themed around “My Bright Future,” these talented young artists showcased their skills by creating inspiring drawings. As a gesture of encouragement, all finalists were presented with drawing kits, empowering them to further develop their artistic abilities.

The pilot meditation classes introduced to children living in Child Care Institutions aimed to instill confidence and alleviate fears associated with exploring various subjects. By incorporating meditation techniques, the program provided a nurturing environment for children to develop a sense of inner peace and resilience, enabling them to approach learning with greater confidence and curiosity.

The kite making session conducted at one of the Child Care Institutions was not only fun-filled but also served as an educational opportunity. By engaging in the hands-on activity of kite making, children were able to enjoy themselves while also learning important concepts of geometry and fractions. This interactive approach facilitated better retention of these academic concepts in a memorable and enjoyable way.

The Expert Speak Session 3 introduction to the art of photography by Akshay Kapoor with the aim of empowering communities to advocate for children in need. Through this session, participants learned how photography can be a powerful tool for storytelling and raising awareness about issues affecting children. By honing their photography skills, attendees were equipped to capture compelling images that shed light on the challenges faced by vulnerable children, thus amplifying their voices and advocating for positive change within their communities.

The Children’s Day Out session at our Vizag chapter was designed to imbue children with essential life skills while fostering bonds with the volunteers, referred to affectionately as “akkas and annas.” The day was packed with a diverse range of activities, including cultural events, games, and a culminating cafe experience. Through these engaging activities, children not only had a fun-filled day but also had the opportunity to learn and grow, developing important life skills and building strong connections with the volunteers.

The Diya Painting and Sale event organized by HUM volunteers served as both a means of volunteer mobilization and fundraising. Volunteers came together for a week of enjoyable diya painting sessions at our office space, fostering camaraderie and creativity among themselves. Following the painting sessions, the beautifully decorated diyas were put up for sale, with the proceeds going towards supporting our initiatives. This event not only raised funds but also provided volunteers with a rewarding and enjoyable experience while contributing to our cause.

The Blood Donation Drive for volunteers was a part of our Volunteer Mobilization Activity, conducted in collaboration with the NTR Blood Trust. Beyond simply donating blood, our volunteers actively participated in raising awareness about the importance of blood donations.This initiative showcased our volunteers’ commitment to making a positive impact on their community by promoting a culture of giving and compassion.

During the IPL season, our students had the incredible opportunity to watch their favorite cricket team live in the stadium. This experience was cherished by the children, who described it as one of their favorite moments. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to @nammyoho_daan for making this dream come true for our students, creating lasting memories and fostering their love for sports.

Children from a Child Care Institution (CCI) in Hyderabad were treated to a special movie premiere exclusively for them, providing them with a memorable experience. The students thoroughly enjoyed the event, creating unforgettable memories. It was organised by the lead actor, chethan, and the team at Vidhyardhi, which brought joy and excitement to the children’s lives.

Our children had the wonderful opportunity to attend and showcase their talents at a corporate event hosted by Pena4 at our Vizag chapter. They not only attended but also performed, sharing their skills and creativity with the audience. The event provided a platform for our children to shine and demonstrate their abilities in front of a corporate audience, fostering confidence and pride in their talents.

In collaboration with Chegg, HUManity organized a distribution of stationery supplies at our Vizag chapter, benefiting children living in Childcare Institutions. Chegg’s support enabled us to fulfill the school stationary needs of these children, ensuring they have the essential tools for their education. This initiative reflects Chegg’s commitment to supporting educational endeavors and HUManity’s dedication to improving the lives of children in need.

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