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Your support shapes the destinies of children in need, turning their dreams into tangible, transformative realities.

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Service Program 2

Leverage curriculum support with more learning resources

Basic Digital Literacy for all children

21st Century Digital Skills

Weekly monitoring & Feedback calls

Practical, Theory & assessments

Learning Management System for CCIs

Digital Literacy, online classes & 21st century Digital skil


To ensure that each child has the basic digital literacy through our 6 month Digital Literacy module Provide hands-on training with theory & practical classes to enhance user experience

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All the donations are exempted under the section 80G of IT act.


"HUManity's online classes are reshaping children's education and development. In just three months, we've witnessed a substantial impact on engagement, interest, and attention.
CCI Hyderabad
HUManity, as an NGO dedicated to supporting kids in CCIs, has been a hope for many . Their commitment to education and personalised assistance has truly made a significant impact on our lives.
I owe my success to HUManity's online classes. The team's unwavering support, attention and interest ensured that not only did we excel academically, but we also topped our schools.
Mrs. Jayashree
CCI - Hyderabad.
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